• Original Score By:
    • Maxwell Sterling
    • Directed by :
    • Tai Shani
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The Neon Hieroglyph | Warp Composers

The Neon Hieroglyph


For the second project in the series, artist Tai Shani presents her first online artwork The Neon Hieroglyph. Nine hypnotic stories expand her ongoing creation of a feminist mythology of psychedelics and bring together hallucinatory CGI with video and a haunting soundtrack by the Manchester-born composer Maxwell Sterling.

Directed By:

Tai Shani

VFX Director, 3D Artist, Animator:

Adam Sinclair

Music By:

Maxwell Sterling

Additional CG Artist:

Stefano Tsai

Additional Modelling Support:

Lotti V Closs

Production Assistant:

Mika Lapid

Recorded at:

Supersymmetry Studios

Tai Shani
The Neon Hieroglyph