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Righteous Rebel

    • Original Score by:
    • Maxwell Sterling
    • Directed By:
    • Phil Schneider


For forty years, both from an international platform as well as from his local pulpit in The Bronx, Rabbi Avi Weiss has been an important voice speaking up against injustice for both Jews and non-Jews. In the documentary, filmmaker Phil Schneider provides a compelling, insightful, and comprehensive look into Weiss' extraordinary life, and how, as a result of his crusading activism and "speaking truth to power," he has inspired others to "show up, stand up, and speak up" in times of crisis. The film also explores the softer side of Rabbi Weiss and his relentless commitment to create an environment of inclusion and dignity for his community.

Directed By:

Phil Schneider

Produced By:

Justin Matley & Phil Schneider

Music By:

Maxwell Sterling

Edited by:

Daniel Kremer


United States

Running time:

49 minutes

righteous Rebel