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Life And Other Problems | Warp Composers

Life And Other Problems

    • music by:
    • Maxwell Sterling
    • directed by:
    • Max Kestner
    • production company:
    • Bullitt Films, Hopscotch Films


10 years ago, the news that Marius the giraffe was put down by the Copenhagen Zoo went viral all the way from Hollywood to Chechnya. But it was also the first domino to fall in the wild thicket of existential questions asked by Max Kestner in his new, joyously adventurous film. What is life? Does consciousness exist? Where does love come from? And not least: How is everything connected - like, really? With curiosity and an open mind, Kestner embarks on a philosophical voyage around the world to look for answers to his questions. With contributions from scientists like Charles Foster and Eske Willerslev, every answer sparks three new questions. And yet, throughout the journey, we do gain insight into the great and small workings of the universe. What could have ended up as the most (self-)important picture of all time has instead turned into a funny, creative and completely unpredictable experience.

directed by:

Max Kestner

written by:

Max Kestner

produced by:

Vibeke Vogel & John Archer

music by:

Maxwell Sterling

release date:

14th March 2024



running time:

99 minutes

Life & Other Problems