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Vladislav Delay

"an acute ability to convey contrasting moods through composition"


Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay has been working in music and sound design since the mid 90s, often exploring new territories and reconfiguring perceptions of genre and spatiality along the way. Starting as a drummer with a passion for jazz by way of classical music and extreme forms of metal, the convoluted path to the ambient and experimental music he is primarily associated with has given Ripatti an overarching professionalism. Often his productions dissect rigid confinements typically associated with a particular niche and stylistically borrow from various schools of thought with ease. After the film crew working on The Revenant (2015) licensed two productions from his ‘Visa’ release, doors opened for Sasu to become more involved in major scale film and television projects. Between album commitments, Sasu spent the latter half of the 2010s immersed in soundtrack work for the TV series Arctic Circle and sports drama Borg vs McEnroe.

Selected Credits:

ARCTIC CIRCLE (Series) prod. Yellow Film & TV / Bavaria Film (2018-2022)

BORG VS MCENROE (Film) with Jonas Struck, d. Janus Metz (2017)

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