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John and the Hole

    • Music by:
    • Caterina Barbieri
    • Directed by:
    • Pascual Sisto
    • Produced by:
    • Mutressa Movies, 3311 Productions
Mark Kermode, Observer:

"Sequenced musical cues by Caterina Barbieri act like a horror-tinged counterpoint (...)"


John and the Hole is a coming-of-age psychological thriller revolving around a boy who discovers an unfinished bunker in the neighboring woods of his home.

Directed by:

Pascual Sisto

Written by:

Nicolás Giacobone

Based on:

El Pozo by Nicolás Giacobone

Produced by:

Michael Bowes, Nicolás Giacobone, Alex Orlovsky, Elika Portnoy


Charlie Shotwell, Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Ehle, Taissa Farmiga


Paul Ozgur

Edited by:

Sara Shaw

Production companies:

Mutressa Movies, 3311 Productions

Distributed by:

IFC Films

Release date:

January 29, 2021 (Sundance), August 6, 2021 (United States)


United States

Running time:

103 minutes


WINNER, Prix de la Révélation, 47th Deauville American Film Festival (2021)

Caterina Barbieri
John And The Hole

John And The Hole