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Earth Mama

    • Music by:
    • Kelsey Lu
    • Directed by:
    • Savanah Leaf
    • Produced by:
    • A24, Park Pictures, Film4


Gia is a young mother fighting for her children. Her son and daughter are in foster care, and now her unborn child could also be taken away. Struggling to work enough hours with court-mandated classes, she’s barely making ends meet. Gia loves her children unconditionally, but how will she give them the future they deserve?
Savanah Leaf’s directorial feature debut is an intimate depiction of a mother’s fear and love. Leaf’s elegant visual language interjects lush visions of hope and visceral manifestations of Gia’s deepest fears into her everyday life. Moving performances root the film in authenticity, including that of newcomer Tia Nomore, whose Gia is tender, conflicted, and layered. The warm texture of the film envelops us in Gia’s reality, while a knowing score smiles at the beauty of everyday moments.


Best Narrative Feature, San Francisco Film Festival (2023)

Directed by:

Savanah Leaf

Written by:

Savanah Leaf


Tia Nomore
Erika Alexander
Keta Price
Sharon Duncan-Brewster

Production Company:

Park Pictures

Music by:

Kelsey Lu

Release date:

January 19, 2023 (Sundance Premiere)
July 7, 2023 (Theatrical Release)



Running Time:

97 minutes

Kelsey Lu 
Earth Mama (Trailer)