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Berberian Sound Studio

    • Original Score by:
    • Broadcast
    • Directed by:
    • Peter Strickland
    • Produced by:
    • Warp Films
Nick Neyland, Pitchfork:

bone-chilling screams, deep red blood spilling across decaying celluloid, knives being raised pointedly in the air. It's the work of people enamored by the common devices of horror (...)


A sonic descent into the darker recesses of cinema as a naïve sound engineer from Dorking, UK loses his grip on reality as he takes a job on an Italian horror film in the ‘70s. As actresses overdub one ear-shredding scream after another, and as knives and machetes repeatedly hack away at innocent vegetables during effects recordings, Gilderoy has to confront his own demons in order to stay afloat in an environment ruled by exploitation both on and off the screen.

Directed by:

Peter Strickland

Written by:

Peter Strickland


Toby Jones
Antonio Mancino
Fatma Mohamed

Produced by:

Mary Burke

Keith Griffiths

Production Companies:

Warp Films, Illuminations Films, Geissendoerfer Film & Fernsehproduktion KG, Match Factory Productions

Music by:


Edited by:

Chris Dickens


Nicholas D. Knowland

Release date:



United Kingdom

Running time:

94 minutes

Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian Sound Studio