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Lorenzo Senni


the score is as dizzying, playful, and slightly unconventional as the movie itself


Hailing from the local straight edge hardcore scene in Rimini, Italy, Lorenzo Senni was never a raver but always fascinated by dance culture and the golden age of trance and gabber he witnessed growing up. The artist and composer, now based in Milan, built his practice around this idea; writing electronic music from the outside, “pointillistic trance” composed by a “rave voyeur”, beatless experimentations informed by the aesthetic language of dance music although composed by a drummer. Lorenzo’s signing to Warp Records in 2015 saw him release a string of 12”, the ‘Persona EP’ and his debut album ‘Scacco Matto’ for the label in 2020, each further exploring these concepts and ideas.

Selected Credits:

ATLANTIDE (Film) d. Yuri Ancarani (2021)

YOU WILL BE WITH US IN PARADISE (Documentary) d. Isaac Lock (2019)

THE CHALLENGE (Documentary) d. Yuri Ancarani (2017)

SAN SIRO (Short Film) d. Yuri Ancarani (2014)

DA VINCI (Short Film) d. Yuri Ancarani (2012)

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Lorenzo Senni 
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