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Casey Manierka-Quaile


Casey Manierka-Quaile is an artist, producer and composer from Toronto, now based in Los Angeles. He is classically trained as a pianist and has written and produced under the artist name of Casey MQ, collaborating with the likes of Oklou, Christine & The Queens, Flume and more.


FITTING IN (Feature Film) d. Molly McGlynn (2024)

BACKSPOT (Feature Film) d. D. W. Waterson (2023)

FAKES (TV Series - Additional Music) d. Various (2022)

EASY LAND (Feature Film) d. Sanja Zivkovic (2019)

TITO (Feature Film) d. Grace Glowicki (2019)

FIRECRACKERS (Feature Film) d. Jasmin Mozaffari (2018)

Casey Manierqua-Quaile
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